A.I. in a basket

The shopping basket A.I. is a key component in the Verdify engine to make healthy food decisions as easy as possible.

“What to eat?” Every day, most people answer this question five to ten times. The more organized person plans most of the groceries on a weekly basis whereas the hyper impulsive chooses from what is available in the direct environment. But for both, a range of factors such as taste and lifestyle preferences, budget, mood and health are probably among those that drive the answer: “This is what I’ll eat.”

In the process of online food shopping these factors are as important as in a supermarket. Multiply that with the size of the household and the thousands of products to choose from to end up with the complexity behind answering such a simple question. Therefore, food decisions require quite some brain power and tap deeply into the daily energy reservoir. No wonder our habits often drive our decisions and keep us ‘locked’ in non-ideal behavior.

To help consumers depart from old habits and move towards the desired eating pattern, Verdify and Genzai centralize extreme convenience in each development step. “It has to be as easy as possible to eat healthy and sustainable” – is our motto. Currently we are designing an A.I.-powered shopping basket: one that does the thinking for the customer. After a single effort to setup a Verdify-ID that captures 90% of customer nutrition needs and food preferences, that same ID can be used endlessly to quickly fill a shopping basket. How that works? Simple activate the Verdify-ID on the recipe platform that we will launch before summer 2021, or use it on the recipe sites of Verdify partners. The recipes will automatically adapt to the Verdify-ID. Choose those of your liking and place them in the shopping basket. Yet, in terms of IT this is not the end point.

The complexity in going from a chosen recipe towards a shopping basket is in the conversion from ingredients to products. What packaging size, organic or not, which brand, quality labels, availability and even which retailer are issues that need to be solved before the green light can be given. That is why we are developing algorithms to recommend the ‘best match’ from a variety of products to line-up with the recipes selected by a particular customer ánd with the Verdify-ID of that customer. So even when we implement ‘buy buttons’ towards multiple food retailers, a customer can trust that the shopping basket is as close as possible to the ideal selection – another hook to convenient healthy eating.

This is the fourth snapshot by Verdify and Genzai in a series that proceeds over the next months. Each week we publish a sneak peek into the A.I. recipe solutions that we co-develop.