Auto adapt digital recipes to national nutrition guidelines

The recipe A.I. developed by Verdify and Genzai is integrated in a tool for consumers and food companies to modify online recipes. The AI can ‘upgrade’ recipes to a state in which they fit within a healthy eating pattern – in line with national guidelines. The tool will facilitate healthy food decisions on international scale.

Globally, most people do not reach the daily recommended dose of vegetables. In the Netherlands only 16% of adults consume the advised 200 grams veggies per day. In the US just 9% eat at least the two to three cups per day of vegetables as recommended in federal guidelines. The UK performs slightly better with 28% of adults eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. In all countries the average intake of sugar, saturated fat and salt is way above the suggested standards. The challenge to eat according to the national guidelines is thus immense and widely experienced.

Verdify and Genzai develop technology to make it much easier for consumers to reach the daily recommended dose of vegetables and stay within advised limits for food components that can negatively impact health. By swapping the ‘bad and the ugly’ for ‘the good’ ingredients, most recipes can be tuned to a healthier form. That can of course be done manually but it takes a degree in dietetics and a significant time investment to achieve. With the recipe A.I. those challenges are overcome.

To achieve this the Verdify nutrition scientists have taken a deep dive in the national nutrition guidelines of Belgium; Canada; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Sweden; The Netherlands; United Kingdom; United States of America; and several other countries. The resulting bundle of eating guidelines feeds the A.I. technology created by Genzai to change virtually any recipe according to the particular recommendations in the desired country. The same tech can also be applied to adapt recipes to taste and lifestyle preferences, individual health needs and household composition – maximizing convenience in healthy eating.

This is the first snapshot by Verdify and Genzai in a series that follows over the next months. Each week we publish a sneak peek into the A.I. recipe solutions that we co-develop.