From the right farm to the right fork

Vegetable growers are increasingly able to steer and finetune the composition of their produce. Nutrient density, taste, size and many other factors can be controlled. Besides that, production can be intensified with more efficient use of fewer resources. On the other end of the value chain, more and more consumers are seeking nutrition from food rather than merely filling their stomach – often related to specific lifestyle preferences, health or performance goals. But how do the ‘specialty’ vegetables find their way to exactly those consumers with elevated interest in that product?

Verdify is developing a recipe personalization and recommendation engine that can be helpful in addressing this challenge. Starting from the consumer question of ‘what to eat’ and in direct relation to the personal nutrition passport (Verdify ID), Verdify offers consumers fully personalized inspiration for how to achieve an optimal intake of foods that align with personal needs and preferences. This setup offers a unique opportunity to match any ‘specialty’ vegetables with individual consumers that are likely to benefit from these specific products. In other words, suddenly there is full insight in the personal needs of the mass and a medium to reach out to individual consumers with unprecedented accuracy.

To illustrate this further imagine the following example. Consumer A has medical reasons to increase his fiber intake. Consumer B wants to minimize her ecological footprint. Consumer C searches for healthy snacks that can be carried to work without too much hazzle. When each of these persons activate their Verdify ID on the recipe site of Verdify partners, the meal inspiration on these digital channels is adapted in real time by swapping nonmatching ingredients for good alternatives. As such, consumer A will find that the casserole recipe of his choice now contains fiber-supercharged broccoli. Consumer B sees that the carbon footprint of her favorite tomato soup is 25% reduced by a swap for tomatoes resulting from ultra-efficient cultivation methods. Consumer C is surprised with a suggestion for snackable mini watermelons.

The recipe personalization and recommendation engine under development by Verdify offers a plethora of options for matching specific supply with individual demand. It goes without saying that the above examples can only be effectively implemented in collaboration with vegetable growers, producers and retailers. Therefore, we invite stakeholders in the food ecosystem to discuss what is, and what can be achieved with personalization technology.

This is the seventh snapshot by Verdify and Genzai in a series that proceeds over the next months. Each week we publish a sneak peek into the A.I. recipe solutions that we co-develop.