Recipe personalisation on every website

Every recipe on the internet fully adjustable to personal needs and preferences: this is the realm we are creating with Verdify. Today, we are just months away from the possibility to fully personalise every English and Dutch recipe website.

After years of development, we have succeeded in creating an AI-powered recipe personalisation engine. After hooking up a recipe website to this engine, all recipes on that site become completely adjustable to lifestyle, taste and health needs. This materialises in two main opportunities. First, the integration of Swap Buttons on any recipe. In a single click recipe can be tuned to another shape, such as gluten free, low salt or high protein – strongly leveraging the value of recipe content and enriching the customer experience. Second, 360 personalisation of recipes by adapting them to customer nutrition profiles captured in the Verdify-ID.

The Verdify-ID is a standalone nutrition passport for consumers. It spans from taste and lifestyle preferences to eating habits and medical diets – capturing a wide range of factors that taken together determine personal food choices. The Verdify-ID can be switched on or off, on each recipe website that is plugged into our personalisation engine. Switched on, customers will see how online recipes change according to their needs and preferences in a matter of milliseconds. This entails they no longer need to worry whether a recipe is a personal match – creating a digital environment that only allows for the right food choices.

This is the ninth snapshot article by Verdify and Genzai. Regularly we publish a sneak peek into the A.I. recipe solutions that we develop.