Spaghetti your way

Verdify and Genzai have trained algorithms to modify recipes to anyone’s desire. At the click of a button a ‘standard’ recipe for spaghetti Bolognese can be transformed to a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free version. For people with health issues this is relevant as well because recipes can be automatically tuned to become low salt, low carb or high protein – plus many other forms. So, whatever the eating preferences or nutrition needs, these algorithms are very helpful in creating suitable recipe inspiration.

Anyone with lifestyle preferences or specific food needs is faced by the daily challenge of eating ‘the right way’. It requires a lot of thinking and planning to adhere to the ideal eating pattern day after day. Verdify will dissolve much of this burden with the introduction of its recipe personalization engine, presenting a new layer of convenience in healthy eating.

This approach is novel but so is the way in which this is done, fully in line with relevant nutrition guidelines and adapting not only the meal composition but also the cooking instructions. When swapping animal-based products for plant-based alternatives, this will influence cooking time, temperature and required handling of the alternative ingredients. The Verdify software is capable of adjusting the cooking instructions accordingly – as would have been done by professional recipe developers.

This is the third snapshot by Verdify and Genzai in a series that proceeds over the next months. Each week we publish a sneak peek into the A.I. recipe solutions that we co-develop.