Verdify live in the Netherlands

As of today, the first version of Verdify is available in the Netherlands. Verdify is an evidence-based platform for personalised nutrition. People can use it to plan, purchase and prepare personally-healthy meals that align with their dietary needs. Verdify can be downloaded in the App stores and is available through

The first version of Verdify contains an array of options for people to exclude one or more allergens, select a (medical) diet program, and indicate personal preferences such as vegetarian or plant based. At this moment Verdify has programmed the low-FODMAP diet, low-sodium diet, low-gas diet, anti-inflammatory diet and a pregnancy diet. Based on the personal profile users can see a weekly overview of tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All recipes completely match the personal profile and are in line with the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

A unique feature of Verdify is that the recipes are adaptive to a personal profile. Non-matching ingredients are swapped for ingredients that can be used by an individual - and cooking instructions are automatically adapted as well. This is done in such way that taste, texture and nutritional value or the meal are not compromised.

Verdify is planning to launch its service in English and other languages as well, so it can be used by a much wider audience.

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