Verdify introduces home-delivery of medical diet ingredients via Albert Heijn supermarket

Verdify has created the option to order groceries for personalized week menus at Albert Heijn supermarket in the Netherlands. The Verdify grocery list is passed on to the online shopping basket of Albert Heijn in a few mouse clicks. This functionality contributes to the convenience of implementing a challenging (medical) diet and getting more control over personal health through daily nutrition.

Verdify is targeted at people who follow an evidence-based diet because of their medical condition or personal health objectives. The Verdify platform is designed to provide recipe inspiration and assemble personalized week menus. The platform can take account of taste and lifestyle preferences, avoid a range of food allergens and offers validated medical diet programs. On a weekly basis Verdify shows recipes for breakfast, snacks and dinner that fully match the personal health and nutrition profile.

Where previously users of the platform could already use the Verdify shopping list to buy their groceries, now it is possible as well to choose for home delivery by, or pick up at Albert Heijn. When someone makes use of this function, the list with required ingredients is automatically transferred to the website of Albert Heijn, where shoppers can finish the ordering process.

Jochem Bossenbroek, CEO Verdify: “We have chosen for integration with Albert Heijn to make it as easy as possible to plan for evidence-based personalized meals. Home delivery adds tremendously to the convenience level and can tip the balance in the transition to a healthier and more targeted eating pattern.”

Verdify states that the functionality is fully optional and that Albert Heijn has no influence on the product selection. It is still possible to shop at other retailers or supermarkets with the Verdify grocery list.

A unique feature of Verdify is that the recipes, which by default fit into a healthy lifestyle, are fully adaptable to the preferences and dietary needs of a person. Most ingredients in a recipe can be automatically exchanged with an alternative to make a recipe match personal needs. A recipe can be adapted in this way for someone with a food allergy. A ‘standard’ recipe can be transformed to a gluten free or lactose free recipe, or a variant that matches a low-FODMAP diet for people with gut issues.

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