Transforming recipes into any shape

At the start of the new year, we happily announce the introduction of a novel and extremely useful piece of recipe personalization tech: Swap Buttons. These buttons can be implemented on digital recipes – on any website - to transform them into another shape.

The Swap Button technology entails that a big share of all the recipe content on the internet can be directly changed into a wide variety of shapes, including gluten free, lactose free, low carb, low calorie, high protein or low salt. Besides that, we are now working towards the possibility to transform recipes into variants such as organic, halal, economy, sustainable, vegan or vegetarian. Website visitors simply have to click once on the button of their liking, and the recipe changes into the desired state in real time.

The click on a Swap Button initiates two changes: ingredients are swapped, and preparation instructions are adapted. Any ingredient swap is carefully done by correcting for recipe identity, taste, nutritional value and texture. The preparation instructions, such as cooking time and temperature, applicable kitchen equipment and handling automatically line up with any change. For a user it will be as if an expert chef has personalized the recipe.

How does it work? A simple API connection between your recipe website and our recipe personalization engine does the work. As website owner you choose the buttons that are most relevant for your users. Next, with a few backend modifications on your side they can be correctly implemented. From there on your website visitors will be able to enjoy using the buttons.

Currently we are inviting a small selection of companies to be among the first to explore the Swap Buttons. If you are interested to join this group, please contact Verdify CEO Jochem Bossenbroek.

A little disclaimer: We initially support English and Dutch recipes, but other languages will soon follow.