Verdify has raised €750.000 seed funding

Verdify raises seed funding to create first AI-powered platform for personalized nutrition

Verdify has raised €750.000 seed funding. Two private investors and AI-investment company Genzai enable the development of the world’s first AI-powered platform for fully personalized and guideline-based nutrition.

In brief:


- Two private investors and AI-investment company Genzai provide Seed Funding to Verdify

- Proceeds will be used to create the world’s first AI-powered platform for fully personalized and guideline-based nutrition, including:

1. an international and interactive recipe platform for assisting consumers in planning and purchasing food that supports their personal health;

2. a software interface for companies in the food sector to personalize their recipe content to the individual needs of their customers.

- Verdify has established a set of core company values with the investors to guarantee that all business activities are supportive of the mission to make healthy eating as easy as possible – where the term healthy is only used when sufficiently supported by scientific evidence or applicable nutrition guidelines.


Wageningen, The Netherlands, 13 October 2020 – The seed funding of €750.000 will be used by Verdify to create the first international recipe platform with fully adaptive recipes. The Dutch ‘foodtech’ company develops innovative software for assisting consumers online in healthy decision making. Verdify will enable consumers to set up their nutrition passport with detailed information about personal nutrition and health needs, fully adjustable to food and taste preferences. A wealth of matching recipe inspiration is generated on the basis of the nutrition passport, both on the Verdify platform and on the recipe websites of partnering companies.

Verdify operates from the vision that nutrition can play a fundamental role in the maintenance of health and the treatment of chronic conditions. Increased attention for nutritional intake in healthcare and -prevention settings can have a profound impact on the quality of life of many people and contribute to lowering medical expenditures. “Our aim is to provide a trusted digital environment for making food choices that are supportive of personal health. We are excited to welcome the new investors and together take key steps towards making a durable impact on health and social wellbeing” said the CEO of Verdify, Jochem Bossenbroek.


Together with AI-investment company Genzai, Verdify develops the software to power the personalized nutrition platform. Roy Lenders, CEO of Genzai said: “Food is the biggest market in the world and personalized nutrition is one of the key themes in this market. We are excited to build A.I. models with Verdify that can really enable personalized nutrition for consumers around the globe.” Theo Cuppen, Director of Joles B.V. and one of the private investors said: “Verdify is fully aligned with our motivation to invest in creative startups in the food industry that develop socially responsible concepts on the route from production to consumption.”

Platform integration

The recipe platform will be connected to the order & delivery systems of food retailers and meal delivery platforms to present a new level of convenience in planning and ordering personalized healthy meals. The company’s focus reaches beyond convenience in healthy eating: Verdify operates fully in harmony with national nutrition guidelines that are applied in the medical domain and dietary practice.

Verdify will also construct a software interface that can be used by companies in the food sector for personalizing their recipe content on their websites. This allows the companies to tailor meal inspiration content to the exact needs and preferences of consumers. Besides that, Verdify will offer the possibility to automatically create nutritious recipes around specific (novel) food products through application of its AI Chef.

The vast majority of the ingredients, food products and recipes on the Verdify platform have to fit into a generally healthy eating pattern. To that end, Verdify complies with national nutrition guidelines and specifically excludes products or recipes with high amounts of refined sugar, salt and/or saturated fatty acids or other components that are known to be harmful to general health. The new shareholder agreement captures the commitment to the company mission on board, management and employee level.


About Verdify B.V.

Verdify is a Dutch foodtech company that develops innovative software for enabling personalized nutrition. Verdify operates fully in harmony with national nutrition guidelines that are applied in the domain of medical and dietary practice. With the tech platform the start-up unlocks the health potential of personalized nutrition for a range of consumer groups and for companies in the food sector. CEO Jochem Bossenbroek MSc. MBA has 11 years’ experience in working on the interface of innovation and life sciences from his founder role at ttopstart B.V., CEO role at BunyaVax B.V. and his current role at Verdify. Co-founder Sandrin Bergheanu MD, PhD applies his extensive medical background and pharmacological knowledge in guiding clinical studies from his company Saberg Clinical and in guarding the evidence-based practice and meaningful innovation at Verdify. Director Food & Health Fleur Pasman BSc. brings in her background as clinical dietitian for defining the software criteria at Verdify.

As such, the Management Team incorporates the required knowhow, expertise and disciplines to develop food & health innovations. The developments by Verdify can only be achieved by combining the best of life sciences, dietetics, AI and new business models. For more information please visit

About Joles B.V.

Joles is a private investment firm that is focused on creative start-ups in the food chain. Joles is particularly interested in companies that develop socially responsible concepts on the route from food production to consumption. Current investments include Koppert Cress BV (development and international sales of cress plants and food specialties), Trouw BV (processing plant of gluten-free buckwheat products) and Agxeed BV (development of platform technology for autonomous farming).

About Genzai B.V.

Genzai is specialized in developing artificial intelligence technology and invests in high-potential start-up companies. The goal is to support the start-ups in building an excellent technology basis to prepare for rapid expansion. Genzai and Verdify already collaborate for more than a year in this context for the development of AI for personalizing meal recipes. Roy Lenders MSc. has specialized himself in AI technology and founded Genzai after having an extensive career in strategy consulting. For more information please visit