Verdify nominated for the Foodvalley Champion Awards 2020

Foodvalley NL has nominated Verdify for the Foodvalley Champion Awards in the 2020 edition, in the category Food & Health. Verdify, together with two other innovative food companies, has been selected out of 10 candidates. Earlier, the top 10 was selected from a large number of companies that initially formed the list of potentials.

The Foodvalley Award forms one of the most prestigious agrifood innovation awards in the Netherlands. The nominees and the final Foodvalley Champions are chosen by an independent jury. The jury assesses the companies on the extent to which a recent innovation contributes to change and on the company’s innovative character. Central in this is the extent to which the organization has committed itself to the innovation.

The prize will be awarded at the upcoming Foodvalley Summits October 13 and 14. Winners will be announced in three categories: Protein Shift; Circular AgriFood; Food & Health. The prize includes a promotional video showcasing the winner’s innovation, international profiling by Foodvalley NL and a one-year Foodvalley Membership.

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