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Our mission

Enabling people to make better food choices for personal and planetary health


About us

Verdify is an award-winning FoodTech company that develops trusted software for personalising online meal inspiration. Our mission is enabling people to make better food choices for personal and planetary health.

Verdify’s engine currently powers our personalised nutrition platform The technology is also active on e-commerce platforms and popular food blogs to inspire vast numbers of consumers with personalised recipe content.


Better food choices - at massive scale - are critical for lowering pressure on healthcare systems and the environment. Verdify is determined to become a key driver in the global shift towards healthy and sustainable eating. This is done by offering enabling technology for meal personalisation to companies in the food sector and offering a trusted personalised nutrition platform to consumers.

Key numbers

  • Inspiring over 40.000 persons per month in the UK and the Netherlands on Swapmeals with fully personalised and shoppable recipes

  • Generating up to 250.000 product impressions per month for future-fit food brands in our partner network

  • Gathering real-time information on the food interests of 3 million shoppers

Core values

Verdify aims to create lasting impact on people’s lives through enjoyable, healthy and sustainable eating. Towards this vision, Verdify has established a set of core values and principles on which the company navigates. The core values and principles are:

Evidence based information

We will only communicate a claim about food and health when there is sufficient supporting data from peer-reviewed articles or accepted claims by regulatory authorities.

Transparency and openness

We will provide open access to the background of food claims in layman's terms for any user to form an independent opinion. Honesty and full transparency are ingrained in all our interactions with the end-user and partners.

Health focussed

The vast majority of the ingredients, food products and recipes used on our platform fit into a generally healthy diet and we exclude high amounts of refined sugar, salt and/or saturated fats, except in recipes targeted at users with special needs.

Privacy and user control

Users can maintain control over their personal data and have the option to remove their personal profile permanently. We adhere to the principles of GDPR and respect data privacy.

Positive work culture

We nurture an open and collaborative work culture, where we value working and learning together in a respectful and open way, while caring for our team members.

Healthier environment and planet

We will continuously strive to offer products and recipes in an environmental positive way by encouraging seasonal, local produce and minimising food wastage.

Tech platform

Verdify’s recipe personalisation software can map the composition of virtually all recipes on the internet and tailor them according to personal and planetary needs. A proprietary swapping algorithm replaces non-matching ingredients with suitable alternatives whilst another algorithm ‘rewrites’ the recipe instructions according to the new composition. The software makes sure the result is still tasty and nutritious. Verdify can enable personalisation on any other recipe platform with its engine, as well as link recipes to the digital shopping basket of local retailers.

Meet our team


Jochem Bossenbroek

Founder, CEO

Entrepreneur in life sciences and nutrition


Sandrin Bergheanu

Co-Founder & Advisor

Physician-clinical pharmacologist


Rutger Kramer

Strategic Advisor

Experienced software development leader

Copy of _20A1383.jpg

Fleur Pasman

Chief Operating Officer

Registered clinical dietitian

Copy of _20A1623_1.jpg

Vicky Dimcevska

Nutrition Content Manager

Registered dietitian and nutrition expert

Copy of _20A1380_1.jpg

Jennifer Klein Gunnewiek

Research & Innovation Manager

Dietitian and nutrition expert

HEIN -  Copy of _20A1426.jpg

Hein van Es

Chief Marketing Officer

Experienced marketeer and innovation strategist


Alessia Carrafiello

Project Manager and Nutritionist

Dietitian and nutrition expert

Copy of _20A1591.jpg

Giulia Finotto

Nutrition Content Manager

Food technologist


Antonio Mattia Arbues

Software Engineer

Product Design

Copy of _20A1365.jpg

Colette Broere

Business Administrator


Bernadette Dijkhuizen

Head of Digital Partnerships


Martje Lüeße

Junior Research Analyst


Tim Wedde

Software & A.I engineer

Machine learning, digital architecture


Britt Raafs

Creative Full Stack Developer

Front end developer and designer

unnamed (1).jpg

Gerard den Heeten

Business Development Manager

Copy of _20A1710_1.jpg

Lauri Lujala

Lead Software Engineer

Artificial Intelligence


Casper Meijer

Lead Software Engineer

Experienced software developer

Veridfy Photo_Sara Maljkovic .jpeg

Sara Maljkovic

Account Executive


Alexandru Dumitru

Lead Software Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer

profil kep.jpg

Matyi Szeiler

Nutrition Data Analyst

Rob Mulder.jpg

Rob Mulder

Senior App Developer

Image Gemma.jpg

Gemma Sixsmith

Business Development / Relations Manager

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