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Promote healthy food brands on your recipe platform 

Join our Partner Program to create high-value promotional inventory on your recipe platform. Loved by food brands and valued by consumers. Complementary to other forms of digital advertising. A totally new source of revenue.


Get healthy food brand promotions live in 3 steps


Increase ad inventory

A unique way of integrating food brands in recipe content

Extra income

Additional ad space that generates

top CPM rates

Minimal effort

It works with a single line of code and we take care of the rest

Enriched user experience

Let people discover which food brands work well in a recipe

Top advertisers

Get carefully selected food brands on your platform


Follow the performance of your recipe ad inventory in realtime


Check the compatibility of your platform

Let Verdify check if your platform is compatible and calculate the potential

Join our Partner Program

Join Verdify’s partner program and install a single line of code on your website

Ready, set, go

Sit back and monitor performance through the Verdify dashboard


Where food brand promotions work really well

Healthy Food Brand Promotions by Verdify can be easily implemented by any publisher with recipe content on their website, including food retailers, food blogs, recipe websites, lifestyle blogs and magazine websites. This subtle way of promotion not only provides a new source of income, but also enriches the recipe content as visitors are encouraged to make better food choices.

Carefully selected brands

We know how important it is for food publishers to work with quality brands. Rest assured, the Verdify nutrition team carefully selects only the healthiest products for promotion using the Nutri Score. In addition, you can offer your brand relations extra promotion space in readily available content on your platform by using our tech.  


Our publisher network

Talk to our partnership team

Reach out to discuss the possibilities or ask any questions.

Thanks for submitting!


"Join us in our mission towards enabling better food choices

The software of Verdify can be easily plugged into e-commerce and recipe platforms, enabling consumers to discover healthy food brands and improve their meal composition. Join our mission by joining as Verdify partner."


Bernadette Dijkhuizen

Relations Manager

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