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In-Recipe Promotions

Reach your target audience with pinpoint precision. Let your food brand appear automatically in matching recipe content when someone searches for meal inspiration.

Our Recipe Promotions offer your food brand relevant and real time exposure to large numbers of consumers with the right appetite. With a press on a button your brand can appear in hundreds of recipes on already 38 different recipe platforms in the Netherlands and the UK.

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This is how it works:

Integrating Beyond Meat product into this recipe

Launching your campaign

Your benefits


Get highly relevant and repetitive exposure to the right consumer.


Collect a wealth of data on consumer - recipe interactions and run tests.

Full control

You decide on reach, type of meals

and ad budget.


Inspire consumers on using your products in all sorts of meals.


Your brand is directly embedded in popular recipe content.

Tell your story

Get a podium to tell the story

behind your brand.

Workdays Static LinkedIn Post (40)_edite

Request a brand check

Let Verdify check if your brand is compatible and how many impressions can be generated

Decide on your budget

Decide on a monthly Recipe Promotions budget and launch your campaign

Your campaign is live!

Your brand directly appears in matching recipes that are seen by thousands of consumers


Make food advertising count

Each month, millions of consumers search online for meal inspiration. People that land on a recipe of our partners will see your food brand immersed in the ingredient list and the preparation instructions. Right before they decide what to eat. Currently we launched in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and already cover 38 recipe platforms with a reach of more than 3 million consumers!


Our publisher network

Contact us

Reach out to discuss the possibilities or ask any questions.

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"Recipe content is one of the most effective marketing instruments in food, but is resource-intensive to develop. Verdify addresses this by enabling companies to automatically integrate their brands in hundreds of matching recipes on popular platforms that are visited by millions of consumers who are looking to be inspired."


Jochem Bossenbroek

Founder, CEO

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