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Frequent asked questions

  • Is there a minimum site traffic requirement for joining the Verdify publisher network?
    Yes, Verdify accepts publishers with a minimum of 5,000 page views per month.
  • Is there a minimum recipe content requirement publisher network?
    Yes, Verdify accepts publishers with a minimum of 50 recipes.
  • What will the integration look like on my website?
  • How much will I earn from Verdify Food Brand Promotions?
    You will earn a generous CPM per product placed in your recipe ingredient lists. (Up to 3 branded products per recipe).
  • Are the promotional links “no follow”?
    Yes, any links in Verdify placements will be no follow links.
  • Will the Verdify integration slow my page loading time?
    The Verdify API returns relevant brands within milliseconds, and therefore there is no impact on page loading time.
  • How does the Verdify integration work with my other ad integrations? Eg. Google AdSense
    The Verdify integration is complementary to existing ad integrations.
  • I am not very technical, how easy is it to add the Verdify Healthy Food Brand Promotions integration to my website?
    There is just one line of code that is added to publisher websites to get Verdify Healthy Food Brand Promotions up and running. When you sign-up to the Verdify Publisher Network, you will receive detailed instructions on how to add the code. Verdify also has a technical team available to assist if you have any challenges adding the code.
  • Is the Verdify integration compatible with recipe schema plugins?
    Yes, our integration has been tested and works well with recipe plugins.
  • I have some sponsored recipes on my website – I do not want Verdify Food Brand Partners to appear in this content. Is it possible to exclude certain recipes?
    Yes, you have complete control over what pages you add our code to and therefore, which recipes the sponsored food brand content will appear in.
  • Can I exclude certain brands?
    With Verdify, you have the flexibility to choose which brands you work with.
  • Is there sufficient disclosure?
    On joining the Verdify Publisher Network you will be provided with a disclosure paragraph and website footer to meet disclosure requirements.
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