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Strengthen your brand with custom insights

Benefit from data and insights stemming from millions of consumer-recipe interactions. Discover the latest trends in home cooking. Find out how people prefer to use products in the category you’re active in. See where your proposition resonates. Base your marketing and R&D decisions on solid data.   

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How your brand can benefit from Verdify Insights:


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Our data and insights help you make better, informed decisions about the future of your business

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How it works

1- We gather real time data based on the actions of millions of people per month

2- Our AI technology transforms this data into useful insights 3- You get direct access to relevant insights


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"In a time where health and sustainability have become important consideration factors, it is important to gather reliable insights for tailoring the messaging and product composition in a way that it resonates with real consumer needs"


Menno Postma

Head of Commerce

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