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Verdi Food and EIT Food join forces to reverse the obesity pandemic

Verdi Food secures EUR 670k funding from EIT Food to lead hyper-personalised nutrition initiative

Venlo & Deventer, Netherlands, 29 February 2024

Verdi Food, a pioneer in nutrition technology, has received EUR 670k investment from EIT Food to advance its data-driven approach aimed at tackling obesity. The approach leverages advanced software for tailoring meals based on individual health data, initially developed to address nutritional gaps in oncology care. EIT Food fosters transformative initiatives like Verdi Food's model to increase the uptake of balanced, sustainable and healthy diets. EIT Food is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.


Tailored solutions for weight management

Despite widespread efforts, obesity rates have surged, with over 20% of Europeans classified as obese and more than 50% as overweight. In a landscape where traditional one-size-fits-all dietary interventions have fallen short, Verdi Food's Noory application presents a promising alternative.


Noory is a personal nutrition guide empowering people to align their diet with their health condition, lifestyle and taste preferences. The application is already subject to an intervention study in breast cancer, where it’s used as adjuvant to standard treatment. With the support of EIT Food, Noory will be enriched to factor in genetics, microbiota, blood biomarkers and behavioural factors to address the unique challenges faced in weight management, transcending conventional dietary paradigms.


The weight management module will undergo rigorous validation through a clinical intervention study involving 72 participants. This study aims to assess the impact on weight loss and overall health over a six-month period compared to standard care protocols.



Ultimately, the initiative holds the potential to improve the health and well-being of millions across Europe who are currently struggling with obesity and overweight. By providing fully personalised nutrition advice and daily support, the approach can nurture healthier eating habits, achieve sustainable weight management, and mitigate the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

About Verdi Food

Verdi Food is a pioneer in personalised nutrition software, enabling better food choices for personal and planetary health. The software powers the Noory platform, targeted at bringing nutrition to the forefront of healthcare. The second application is in retail where the Verdify platform is tuned to make healthy and nutritious food the desired option. The company is based in Venlo and Deventer, The Netherlands. See also and


About EIT Food

EIT Food is the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community. We accelerate innovation to build a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, we invest in projects, organisations and individuals that share our goals for a healthy and sustainable food system. We unlock innovation potential in businesses and universities, and create and scale agrifood startups to bring new technologies and products to market. We equip entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills needed to transform the food system and put consumers at the heart of our work, helping build trust by reconnecting them to the origins of their food. We are one of nine innovation communities established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to drive innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. Find out more at  



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