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Noory is officially launched!

Welcome to the future of personalised nutrition! We are very proud to introduce 'Noory,' a groundbreaking solution that empowers you to tailor your daily meals to your unique health needs.

Noory is designed especially for individuals dealing with food allergies, digestive issues, and weight management goals. This innovative platform offers an accessible and effective way to: assess your nutritional needs, optimise your food intake, create personalised meal plans and monitor your progress.

Noory is here to complement the advice of dietitians, providing you with a tool to create extensive meal plans that align with your individual health goals.

Noory stands out by automatically optimising recipes through ingredient exchanges, rather than relying on a static recipe database with search filters. We consider crucial factors like nutritional values and taste, ensuring that even those with complex dietary needs can enjoy a diverse range of delicious meals.

Noory is accessible through a user-friendly web application. Simply create your personal profile, and let our advanced artificial intelligence and dietetic guidelines do the rest. Noory calculates your unique nutritional needs and presents optimised recipes that align seamlessly with your personal goals and dietary preferences. Verdify is committed to your safety. We adhere to medical best practices and implement strict data security policies, ensuring the quality and privacy of your information.

Noory is now available to the public, and we're not stopping here! Soon, we'll be expanding our service to support individuals dealing with breast cancer, obesity, and other specific medical conditions. Healthcare professionals will also have the opportunity to use NooryMed to offer personalised meal plans to patients and monitor their progress.

Take the first step towards a healthier you with Noory!

Visit to learn more about Noory and embark on your personalised nutrition journey.


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