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Verdify secures €2.4 million investment for impactful food choices in healthcare and retail

24 January 2024

Foodtech company Verdify has successfully raised €2.4 million in funding to scale its personalised nutrition innovation for fostering human and planetary health. The investment comes from existing shareholders and new investors Goeie Grutten Impact Fund, Oost NL, Koppert Cress and De Smaakmaker. The capital injection follows previous investments in the company in 2020 and 2021.

Verdify has pioneered the development of software that optimises meal compositions based on individual health and sustainability factors. This innovation is inspired by compelling research highlighting suboptimal diets as a major risk factor for health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, various forms of cancer and diabetes. Moreover, recognising that agrifood systems contribute to one-third of total greenhouse gas emissions, Verdify aims to empower individuals to make informed choices that enhance personal well-being and contribute to a sustainable future with a reduced ecological footprint.

Tailored meal plans in healthcare

The investment comes at a pivotal time as Verdify's NooryMed application undergoes testing as a complementary tool in breast cancer treatment, in collaboration with pharmaceutical company Roche. What sets Verdify apart is the ability to process a wide range of medical data to create personalised meal plans, addressing the unique dietary challenges faced by patients during treatment. "A good nutritional status can prevent worsening of side effects, prevent additional hospitalisation, and prevent early treatment drop-out," explains dietitian Fleur Pasman, COO at Verdify. "However, a large proportion of patients become malnourished due to taste changes, swallowing problems, and nausea resulting from chemotherapy." NooryMed automatically adjusts recipes to address such challenges while aligning with the healthcare provider’s recommendations.

‘Swap technology’ to promote better food choices

Verdify's retail technology is already operational on 40 recipe websites, encouraging people to make food choices with a neutral, or preferably positive impact. Inspired by the fact that eating less meat can save almost 50% of greenhouse gas emissions3, Verdify promotes gradual shifts towards a more sustainable and healthier eating pattern with simple product swaps. The company, therefore, promotes plant-based alternatives and will soon introduce 'swap' buttons on recipe websites. With one click, recipes can be converted to a vegetarian version or an alternative with lower carbon emissions. The company is in ongoing discussions with supermarkets and food companies to implement swap technology on their websites, significantly expanding its reach.


Investment for broad impact

The investment enables Verdify to achieve significant goals. The NooryMed platform is being prepared for international use in the treatment of breast cancer and obesity. Additionally, the company aims to connect another 100 recipe websites, reaching tens of millions of people in various European countries to promote better food choices.


Gijs Engelen, Investment Manager at Goeie Grutten, states, "Verdify's solution not only empowers consumers to make conscious choices for healthier and more sustainable nutrition but also provides crucial support to patients during their treatment and recovery. The impact of Verdify on health and climate is substantial, and we are delighted to contribute to its continued growth."


Arnaud Zwaal, Investment Manager Food at Oost NL: "Verdify's software platform offers a solution that cuts both ways. Through personalised nutrition, we assist individuals in enhancing their health. Simultaneously, it's a challenge to enhance the sustainability of food production and consumption to reduce negative environmental impacts. Verdify contributes by making sustainable choices more accessible."


1. The Lancet, 2017: Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems.

2. FAO Report, 2022: Climate Change and the Global Food System.

About Verdify:

Verdify is a pioneer in personalised nutrition, focusing on enabling better food choices for individual health and the planet. Verdify's innovative software has applications in healthcare and the food industry. The company is based in Venlo and Deventer, The Netherlands. See also and

About Goeie Grutten Impact Fund:

The Goeie Grutten Impact Fund aims for the global availability of responsible, healthy, and diverse food and a sustainable energy transition. The fund strategically builds a portfolio of investments to contribute to a better world. See also

About Oost NL:

Oost NL is the development company of East Netherlands. On behalf of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Oost NL strengthens the regional economy by supporting entrepreneurs contributing to sustainable innovation, investment, and internationalisation. See also

About Koppert Cress:

Koppert Cress is a grower of natural, innovative ingredients that chefs can use to intensify the taste, smell, and presentation of their dishes. The range includes freshly sprouted plants (cresses) and other edible flowers and leaves (specialties) collected from 100% natural, aromatic plants. See also


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