Personalise your recipes

With Verdify inside

Leveraging the value of nutrition with AI

People in almost every region of the world could benefit from rebalancing their diets. Whether it's about prevention, treatment or performance, nutrition can play a crucial role in reaching personal goals. With artificial intelligence we can now make personalised nutrition a real option.  

"Make a lasting impact. Empower your customers to eat in harmony with their individual needs"


                           Jochem Bossenbroek MSc. MBA - Co-founder and CEO Verdify


Break through barriers for healthy food choices

with AI-powered adaptive recipes


As company in the food ecosystem you probably make use of recipes to inspire your customers. Take your online recipe collection to a whole new level with Verdify inside. Connect to our API and unlock the potential of your recipes. Let your customers experience how recipes are personalised to their needs and preferences in real time. All they need is a Verdify nutrition and health profile. 


Boost the relevance of your recipes by making them adaptive to personal needs and preferences


Inspire with endless ingredient swaps to make the recipe a great fit for any customer


Empower your customers with guideline-based nutrition programs and diets


Surprise with probably liked recipes based on personal taste prediction


Transform foreign taste palettes to local and individual preferences


Connect to your products and services to add great convenience

Make recipes adaptive to

Personal profiles by Verdify

Lifestyle preferences

From plant based to Mediterranean

Number of persons

From 1 to 8


24 most common allergens


Avoid any disliked foods

Guideline based diets

For a range of health conditions, including hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, pregnancy and many more

More to come

Blood markers, genetic markers, food-drug interactions

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